Why Are Escorts In High Demand In Singapore?

Escorts are desired by men all over the world, however, they are particularly popular in Singapore. Why is that so? Here are the reasons why.

First of all, these models do not come cheap regardless of where you engaged them. However, they are even more expensive in Singapore. However, SG has lots of business and investor events and conferences. This means that many wealthy people visit our country on a daily and weekly basis. As a result of this high volume of wealthy people entering the city frequently, there is higher demand for these services locally.

Second of all, Singapore is a predominantly English speaking country. While locals come in all races, almost all of them can speak fluent English. This is particularly the case with the younger generation. Since escorts are generally young and in their 20s or maximum early 30s, they can speak fluent English. This makes them a pleasant companion to be with, compared to ladies of neighbouring countries!

Third of all, many people in Singapore are middle class and above. Therefore, the locals are also able to engage such companions thanks to their relatively decent income.

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