Why Pick A Social Escort Over Sugar Dating?

There are several reasons why you should pick social escort services over sugar dating. And here they are.

1. Pay and the girl instantly pretends to be your girlfriend. No need to interview

Compared to a sugar dating relationship, there is no need for you to still ‘date’ or ‘interview’ the escort to find out if she will be able to connect with you. The whole point of wanting to pay for companionship is so that you do not need to try to make the girl to like you. However, you still need to do that to some extent when it comes to sugar babies. You may meet a potential sugar baby, and she definitely will not act like she is already yours when you first meet.

However, when it comes to social escorts, as long as they are willing to see people of your race and age, then they will instantly pretend as though they were already your girlfriend. There is no need to attract their attention prior to that or convince the girl. They are paid to pretend to like you.

2. Need not to try to chat up the girls online before contacting them in real life. Just book and if they are available, meet

It is less of a hassle. All you need to contact is either the contact number of the independent escort in Singapore or simply contact a registered social escort agency. If they are active, they will try to meet you, or match you up with the escort you desire if you prefer an agency, as do most people in Singapore.

Regardless, there is no need for pointless to and fro and for the girl to think about it whether she wants to even meet you at all. It is a straightforward yes or no answer. It saves you time and unnecessary effort.

3. There are verification processes and prior checks to make sure the escorts (tagged to agencies) look like their images

When it comes to some sugar babies, or perhaps even many independent escorts, there is no guarantee the sugar babies or escorts will look like their photos. Therefore, I recommend that you stick to registered social escort agencies in Singapore if you want a pleasant experience of meeting women who look the same like their advertised profiles and images! If this is your first time in Singapore, as long as you approach a registered agency, you should be safe. And you will get a girl who looks like her advertised image.

4. Some sugar babies profiles are dead. Whereas with an agency, they will tell you who’s available and who’s not instantly. For sugar babies, you may need to wait weeks for reply, while escort agencies will reply you in potentially minutes

Many girls create a sugar baby account on sugar dating websites just to look around. Then they never log back in again. If you want to save time and not spend countless days or weeks or even months searching for a suitable girl, then approaching a social escort is a better option. If you have the time to burn and waste, then you can look for sugar babies.

5. No need for a monthly allowance commitment for social escorts

There is no long term commitment to an escort, while there are commitments to sugar babies.

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Why Do Girls Become Social Escorts In Singapore?

Have you ever wondered some of the reasons why girls become social escorts? Even though it is a legal job, there are lots of taboo around the job in a conservative Asian country such as Singapore. As a result, many people may be curious why girls will be an escort. Here are some of the more common reasons why Singaporean girls turn to escort work.

First of all, need I say more? Money is definitely one of the main lures to the job. Being a female escort can make you a lot of money within a short period of time. This is especially the case considering how few hours you need to work to make the amount. While reports of girls making $10,000 to $30,000 a month are probably faked and grossly exaggerated, making $1000 to $5000 extra a month from being a female escort is very common. Read this post to find out more on how much escort girls in Singapore make on average. Most social escorts in Singapore make between those amounts. Since each one hour deal makes the girl around $250 to $500, it will only take 2 to 10 clients per month to make such type of money. That is a pretty respectable amount of money, considering how the median income from work per household member in Singapore is only $2,792. Ignore the household incomes in Singapore, because many Singaporean households have 3 to 5 people staying in one house. If you look at the above value of $2,792 median income per household member, you are essentially making around that amount per month with just a few hours of work a month! In fact, you can even be a Poly or University student and make that amount if you work as a social escort on the side.

Second of all, one of the best benefits of working as a social escort in Singapore is that it allows you to work a flexible schedule. While you need to work hard if you want to make eye popping amounts of money, there are no red-eye shifts or weekly fixed schedule you need to commit to when it comes to escort service work. You simply go for a job on an ad hoc basis. However, you may want to note that you still want to keep your schedule free or relatively flexible, and that will definitely help you in getting more assignments.

Third of all, you need not quit whatever you are doing now to do work as a social escort in Singapore. Unlike an entire career change, job hop or anything like that, you will never need to quit your school or quit your job to work as a social escort. You can continue your office job, insurance or property agent job or continue studying while working as a social escort in Singapore. That is seriously one of the biggest attractions that a female escort job has in Singapore.

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Five Reasons Why Many Singaporean Girls Are Becoming Escorts

A lot more local Singaporean girls are becoming escorts or sugar babies, and here are some of the main reasons why that is happening. This phenomenon is not only happing in Singapore but also around the world.

1. SG girls want to save up for their university fees

University fees are not cheap in Singapore, even after subsidies. Therefore, for many girls who come from low income family, most of them are not sponsored to study by their parents. As a result of this, they will need to go out and work and save up for a few years before being able to apply to and study at a local SG university. Add on to the trend that university fees get more expensive by approximately $400 per enrolment year, it can be a large cost for many girls.

Therefore, most of these girls turn to escorts jobs. In fact, there are also other part time jobs that they can do. However, none of those jobs pay anywhere as well as being a female escort can. Most of these girls turn to be a part time or even full time social escort to quickly make up for that shortfall in their required savings then.

2. The girls want to solve some family issues

Sometimes, a family or the girls may run into financial issues. However, not every type of situation will allow for them to get a loan. Additionally, loan will also have troubles and issues that come along with it.

While some girls who work an escort job in Singapore come from middle to upper income families, many are from lower income families and households. As a result of that, if some family member falls ill or something untoward happens to them and they need to raise a large sum of money in a relatively short period of time, they need to make fast cash. One of the best ways to make fast cash is by being a social escort.

3. Because they want to meet different (richer) people

Some social escorts become one because they like the money that comes with it as well as meeting with wealthy clientele. While the money is a big part of the attraction of the job, why would a girl reject meetings with people who are lawyers, doctors, surgeons, business executives and company owners? These are the very type of people who find escorts and also happen to be the type that every mum wants their daughter to meet. Of course, not all may be nice people, but an overwhelming majority of them will definitely be much more decent than meeting low class uncles who work odd jobs.

4. Girls in Singapore want to buy fancy materialistic items

The allure of being able to buy a fancy handbag with just one or two or three clients is a very attractive thought for many girls. Working in any other kind of job will require potentially weeks just to save up to buy such fancy items. However, when it comes to escorting jobs, which is also done part time most of the time anyway, saving to buy fancy, luxury handbags is very easy.

5. For travelling

Some girls love to travel. The thing about travelling is that it can cost a lot of money if you want to travel in luxury. No girls want to travel like a pauper. While first class or private jets and 5 star hotels is not a must, a relatively decent travel experience is still utmost necessary to truly enjoy traveling. Staying at budget hotels and traveling by hitchhiking is an absolutely miserable way to travel.

Therefore, some of them work flexible hour jobs as well as be a social escort on top of that to make up for whatever financial shortfall they may be experiencing. This way, they can easily travel once every few months without jeopardizing their financial health.

As you can see from the above reasons, often times, most girls in Singapore do not become escorts because of superficial reasons. Society likes to make it seem as though that is purely the case. The truth is that, most girls have a variety and multiple reasons why they want to take up an escort job.

Last but not least, this is 2019. This is not 1999. People are less conservative culturally. This does not necessarily means that Singaporean girls are becoming more liberal. It simply means that because of the wide spread proliferation of the Internet, girls who wanted to be one now are able to see that many are like them too and they feel that their actions are more accepted. On the other hand, in the past, because they cannot see similar stories due to the lack of Internet, they are made to think that they are odd and weird and thus they feel embarrassed to take up a female escort job even though it is perfectly fine to have such a job in Singapore.

Being an female escort in Singapore is not an easy job. Make sure to do your own research and if you think you have what it takes, contact us today.

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Differences Between Prostitutes And Escorts In Singapore

You might have heard of the term social escort in Singapore probably from a friend or perhaps from random Internet videos or Googled articles. However, the ignorant public usually do not know the difference between social escorts and prostitutes, when the actual difference is huge!

There are obviously people who masquerade prostitutes as escorts and escorts as prostitutes, but the truth is they are not the same.

They are indeed in the adult entertainment industry, just like nightclubs, bars, e.t.c. However, that is all. Other than that, there are lots of differences between a social escort and a prostitute. Different countries may have different laws, and therefore slightly different definitions, but the following differences are true for that in Singapore.

With that said, let us take a look at some of the key differences.

Singaporean couple kissingServices provided (prostitutes):

Prostitutes provide sexual services to their clients. It is as simple as that. They are not paid to talk, entertain the client in any other form. In such an arrangement, it is illegal for the girl to take the money and not provide any sexual services, as that is exactly what she is paid for. She has to provide those services.

If you tried talking to prostitutes, which you can, you may find that most of them are lowly-educated, from neighboring countries and are usually low class. They are largely secondary or high school dropout equivalents, and have no substance besides their looks, perhaps.

Services provided (escorts):

On the other hand, social escorts are paid for their companionship and time spent with their client. They are in other words, a pretend girlfriend… a very hot and beautiful pretend girlfriend. Imagine you walking down the street and noticing a really hot girl in Singapore. Sometimes you may imagine them being your girlfriend. That is exactly what is happening here. You can immediately buy that fantasy of having a beautiful Singaporean woman to become your girlfriend instantaneously. There is no need for courtship and competing with other men – simply pay and she will be your girlfriend for the number of hours that you engaged her for.

Escorts are usually Diploma or University graduates or undergraduates, and are the typical beautiful, elegant women. Some of them may even be models or office ladies.

Legality (prostitutes):

While prostitution is allowed in Singapore, public soliciting (includes over the Internet!), pimping, maintaining a brothel among some other activities are illegal. Therefore if you approach a ‘service provider’, you may be at legal risk if they get prosecuted. You may be asked for questioning in the event that if you are caught during a bust – because brothels are outlawed in Singapore.

Some of claimed that there are licensed brothels along Geylang. Whether this is true or not, we are not aware of it. However, you can make your own research on that, if you would like to patronize a prostitute along Singapore’s red light district areas.

Legality (escorts):

Social escorts are perfectly legal as long as they do not solicit prostitution. If you noticed, those ‘news’ articles of escorts being caught are always caught for prostitution related charges. They are not charged for being a social escort. Being a social escort is a perfectly legal job. Of course, they better have a citizenship or VISA which allows them to work legally in Singapore. Otherwise, they will also be liable to prosecution under a different law, which is Singapore’s manpower act. And because this is Singapore, you will probably be asked to give your verdict at the police station if you engage a foreigner’s services in Singapore if the girl does not have a legal or valid work status in Singapore. Keep in mind there is no VISA in Singapore allowed for escorts.

If you want a social escort, make sure to engage Singaporeans or permanent residents only.

Singapore girl sitting on a chairPrivacy (prostitutes):

When it comes to engaging prostitutes, you probably need to go for an incall, which basically means that you go the to the prostitute’s location. This is almost always in a shady area such as Geylang. Such places are usually frequented by lower income men of Singapore and foreigners, and imagine what would happen to your social credibility if someone caught you there! It will be downright embarrassing.

In fact, as a result of this, many men feel embarrassed to even go to Geylang to do something completely irrelevant to this such as eating the famous frog porridge or claypot rice just because they are in the vicinity! This is because if they truly went by themselves to do anything else at Geylang, other than visiting prostitutes, they may be wrongly accused too. This is due to Geylang’s ‘bad’ reputation. And if they are indeed visiting prostitutes at Geylang and got seen, that will be really embarrassing for a high SES Singaporean or foreigner business executive!

Privacy (escorts):

Just like meeting someone off Tinder, except that you are guaranteed to meet the girl you want, you can pick the location you want to meet the girl at. You can choose to meet in a public location, or in a private setting. As long as the girl is fine with you and the location, you are free to choose.

Here’s an advice for you.

Always use a SG escort agency which do not sell or solicit sexual services in Singapore if you want a pretty Singaporean girl to be your girlfriend for the day or night. Otherwise, if you are looking for sexual services, you may want to head onto other articles online or elsewhere to look for legal brothels (not sure if they still do exist) in  designated red light districts in Singapore such as Geylang.

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How To Find Female Escorts In Singapore – Best Methods

There are basically a few different ways you can find female Singapore social escorts, although not all of them are equally effective. Here are some of the best methods.

First way to find social escorts in Singapore will be to simply Google for social escorts! There are lots of directories, and websites. But the grand daddy of them all is Google as one Google search can easily bring out millions of search results. You can then look through them. You probably found our agency through a simple search like that too.

The second way to find escorts is to look for agencies (which best method of search for is still looking through Google), and to engage an escort through them. This is especially the case when it comes to quality models. This is because, when it comes to independents, it is hit or miss. And you will continually need to take the risk that she does not look like her photographs. However, once you have found a good agency, you can stick to them and their recommendations.

The third way which is not so commonly used in this day and age is to look at Yellow Pages. Yellow pages still has an online directory in Singapore, though it is presumably outdated, and listed with lots of already defunct website. Yellow pages itself is pretty outdated, and few people use it with the advent of search engines and other websites. Nonetheless, if you want to, you can try Yellow Pages, but I want to give you the disclaimer that it is probably not recommended and far from being the best method to look for a social escort in Singapore.

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How Much Do Social Escorts In Singapore Make In Salary?

Just like any other industry in Singapore, the amount that a Singaporean social escort girl can make in Singapore can vary largely, due to many different factors. If you are considering an escort job in Singapore, please read. In the following paragraphs, I will share with you some of the most important deciding factors that can influence your income.

First of all, do you have great availability? If you are an extremely busy individual with little to no free time, it is nearly impossible to get any social escort jobs. This is similar to trying to date while being extremely busy. It is pretty much impossible. Therefore, your availability has great impact on your potential earnings as a model.

Second of all, are you slim, young and attractive? It is proven that men prefer young, slim and attractive women, therefore, it is recommended that you are like that before applying for such an escort job. If you are, then you will probably get most of the clients.

Third of all, are you very stuck up? If you are stuck up or arrogant or aloof, you probably will not get good reviews, and you will also probably not get any recurring/repeat customers. Repeat customers are the secret to you really making a lot of money. If you do not even flirt with your customers and seem to enjoy your time with your clients (whether or not you actually like them), and behave instead like a prude nun who has abhorred by the mere thought of the male species, then you are never going to make it as a social escort in Singapore.

Next of all, do you travel fast? If you respond fast and travel fast to appointments in Singapore, then you will probably make more than those who are slow.

With all of the pointers in mind, most escorts in Singapore make between $200 to $500 per appointment, and taking an average of $350 per appointment, just 2 hours a WEEK will net you a little shy of $3000 a month. Some escorts make a few hundred dollars a month, while popular ones make upwards of $4000-5000 with less than a few hours a week!

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Tips For Your 1st Time Finding A Social Escort In Singapore

Is this your first time looking for an escort model in Singapore? Are you feeling nervous? Not to be. Here are some tips to help you out.

First of all, do not look for social escorts looking for sexual services. You should go to a prostitute in Geylang or designated red light districts looking for that. Contact us for social escorts if you actually want a beautiful companion with you. Agencies do not arrange for sexual services between clients and the girls.

Second of all, be specific about the exact meeting point and date and time. Just like how you would ask any girl out, you are a man. You decide the meeting point, date and time and ask if the girl is available. Same thing with social escorts. Make up your mind before contacting the agencies. They deal with a lot of volume and do not have time to entertain and won’t bother replying you unless they know you are there to order. You do not call a restaurant booking hotline to chat with them before even checking out their prices online or knowing when you want your booking to be. You call them after that. Same with booking Singapore social escorts.

Third of all, there will be some verification details the agencies will require from you. It may vary, but it is usually quite straightforward. If they cannot verify you, they will usually ask you for a deposit. Please use some common sense and realize that deposit means you HAVE TO PLACE BEFORE MEETING THE SOCIAL ESCORT. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the word DEPOSIT? Read the dictionary. Deposit is to be made before (if required), and not upon meeting the social escort. That will be called cash on meetup.

To the best of our knowledge, escort models in Singapore are generally only part timers. This means that if you contact last minute, there is a good chance that not many escorts are available at any given moment. Therefore, if you are not a picky guy, then booking last minute is fine generally. But if you are exceptionally picky, then definitely book in advance with the agency.

Next of all, to the best of my knowledge, all social escorts list their prices publicly on the website. The smartest thing you can do is to check out the price first, instead of appearing like an idiot and asking the agency to questions already answered on their website. They receive a large volume of enquiries a day, and some are legitimate clients while others are not. Local social escort agencies is notorious for not replying you if you do not ask booking questions. This is 2018, not 1998, so if you know how to land on the agency’s website, you clearly should know how to navigate their website to find their prices. Singapore escorts list their prices, unlike that of USA or maybe even London. So use your fingers and move around their website to see it. It is usually listed very clearly.

Finally, order only when you are ready to. The escort is just like a rental girlfriend. If you are not sure if you can make it for the date and time, then do not even bother contacting the agency. Contact when you are free and available, not before that.

As you can tell, ordering a social escort in Singapore is very simple. But it may look very ‘hard’. That is true if you are an indecisive individual and not sure if you want to order. Social escort agencies receive one of the largest volumes of weird enquiries daily, and to sieve out weird people, they resort to extreme measures sometimes. So if you want to book fast, easily and hassle-free every time, make sure to be decisive and think through before booking.

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Can Having A Social Escort Job Change Your Life?

Before you decide to apply for a female escort job in Singapore, you may want to watch the following video. Make sure that you know the various changes in mindset you may have.

If you are too lazy to watch the entirety of the following video, the gist is that the social escort interviewed felt that despite the things that she may not have liked about the job, she would still do it again if given the choice.

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Who Are The Men Who Find Social Escorts In Singapore?

If you never engaged a social escort before, and could not imagine ordering one, but curious as to the men who will find social escorts in Singapore, then read on!

Men Who Have No Intentions To Get Married

Not every man in Singapore wants to get married, just like not every couple in Singapore wants to have kids. As for these men, they may still want a companion from time to time as they can be lonely too. However, instead of hitting on girls on apps like Tinder e.t.c. and date the girls with no intention to get married (and hence unethical and wasting everyone’s time), they find escorts as a romantic companion and a professional girlfriend.

Divorced Men

If a man just got divorced, he probably does not want to get into another serious relationship – at least not so soon. However, it makes no sense for him to see a marriage counsellor as well as he is already divorced. Therefore, he may want to confide in someone and pour out his feelings. However, it may be too extreme to see a psychiatrist for this, and not convenient for him to tell his friends or family members. Therefore, these divorced men may seek solace in the companionship of a beautiful woman and the escort doubles up as a ‘psychiatrist’ on top of being a professional girlfriend/companion.

Busy Career Men Who Do Not Want To Get Married Yet

Some Singaporean men want to focus on their career. Not every man prioritizes getting married and having a family. Some men who are ambitious may want to pursue their career and make sure they are making a lot of money before deciding to get married. During this period of time where they are working on their careers, they usually have little to no time to date conventionally at all. Therefore, they turn to social escorts.

Men Who Want A ‘Status Symbol’ At An Event

There are lots of business events in Singapore. Showing up to these events with a pretty girl is like driving up in a Lamborghini. It is a form of status symbol. That is why you sometimes hear the term – arm candy. These escorts are hired to make the men look good. Imagine the man turning up at an event by himself, versus with a drop-dead gorgeous looking model. It makes a world of difference when it comes to the impression that he can give others! It may sound superficial, but this is a real reason why many men find escorts in Singapore for.

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Working As A Social Escort In Singapore – Should You Be One?

Should you work as a social escort in Singapore? Is having an escort job suitable for you? Are you suited for being one? What are some things you may want to note? Should you apply to an agency like ours for a job?

First of all, if you want to be a social escort purely because of the money, and did not even bother to research online about the job and have no idea what to expect – forget it. You will not be able to survive in it. Just like every other job in Singapore, there are benefits and disadvantages of this job. Make sure that you are fine with both ends before deciding to apply.

Second of all, being a social escort is being a professional romantic companion to clients, just looking good does not cut it. You are not being hired to stand there to look pretty. You are hired to be a companion to the client. If you are not comfortable doing that, then stick to being a model. Do not even bother to apply to be an escort.

Third of all, it is a customer service based job. If you are the type that just scolds people, are rude in general and cannot stand meeting new people, then do not be an escort. You will only be unhappy, cause lots of distress to yourself and to the clients. If you are the type that is customer focused and keeps clients happy, then you will definitely make a lot of money as an escort.

Next of all, clients are very last minute. They seldom book in advance. If your schedule is barely breathable on its own right now already, you are dreaming if you think you can get clients. You need to be realistic and realize that if you are permanently busy, and not flexible with your time, you will not get many clients.

However, if after reading the above, and you find yourself suited for an escort job, then feel free to contact us here.

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