Who Are The Mysterious Men Who Secretly Find Escorts?

If you never engaged a social escort before, and could not imagine ordering one, but curious as to whom are the men who will find these services, then read on!

Men Who Have No Intentions To Get Married

Not every man in Singapore wants to get married, just like not every couple in Singapore wants to have kids. As for these men, they may still want a companion from time to time as they can be lonely too. However, instead of hitting on girls on apps like Tinder e.t.c. and date the girls with no intention to get married (and hence unethical and wasting everyone’s time), they find escorts as a romantic companion and a professional girlfriend.

Divorced Men

If a man just got divorced, he probably does not want to get into another serious relationship – at least not so soon. However, it makes no sense for him to see a marriage counsellor as well as he is already divorced. Therefore, he may want to confide in someone and pour out his feelings. However, it may be too extreme to see a psychiatrist for this, and not convenient for him to tell his friends or family members. Therefore, these divorced men may seek solace in the companionship of a beautiful woman and the escort doubles up as a ‘psychiatrist’ on top of being a professional girlfriend/companion.

Busy Career Men Who Do Not Want To Get Married Yet

Some Singaporean men want to focus on their career. Not every man prioritizes getting married and having a family. Some men who are ambitious may want to pursue their career and make sure they are making a lot of money before deciding to get married. During this period of time where they are working on their careers, they usually have little to no time to date conventionally at all. Therefore, they turn to social escorts.

Men Who Want A ‘Status Symbol’ At An Event

There are lots of business events in Singapore. Showing up to these events with a pretty girl is like driving up in a Lamborghini. It is a form of status symbol. That is why you sometimes hear the term – arm candy. These escorts are hired to make the men look good. Imagine the man turning up at an event by himself, versus with a drop-dead gorgeous looking model. It makes a world of difference when it comes to the impression that he can give others! It may sound superficial, but this is a real reason why many men find escorts for. This is also a side effect of Singapore attracting lots of rich male visitors.

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