Tips To Calm Down For The Nervous 1st Time Customer Finding An Escort

Is this your first time looking for an escort model in Singapore? Are you feeling nervous? Not to be. Here are some tips to help you out.

Do not solicit sexual services

First of all, do not look for them looking for sexual services. You should go to a prostitute in Geylang or designated red light districts looking for that. Contact us if you actually want a beautiful companion with you. Agencies do not arrange for sexual services between clients and the girls.

Decide properly like a man before booking

Second of all, be specific about the exact meeting point and date and time. Just like how you would ask any girl out, you are a man. You decide the meeting point, date and time and ask if the girl is available. Same thing here! Make up your mind before contacting the agencies. They deal with a lot of volume and do not have time to entertain and won’t bother replying you unless they know you are there to order. You do not call a restaurant booking hotline to chat with them before even checking out their prices online or knowing when you want your booking to be. You call them after that.

Prior payment may be required for certain booking

Third of all, there will be some verification details the agencies will require from you. It may vary, but it is usually quite straightforward. If they cannot verify you, they will usually ask you for a deposit. Please use some common sense and realize that deposit means you HAVE TO PLACE BEFORE THE MEETING. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the word DEPOSIT? Read the dictionary. Deposit is to be made before (if required), and not upon meeting the lady. That will be called cash on meetup.

To the best of our knowledge, escort models are generally only part timers. This means that if you contact last minute, there is a good chance that not many of them are available at any given moment. Therefore, if you are not a picky guy, then booking last minute is fine generally. But if you are exceptionally picky, then definitely book in advance with the agency.

Next of all, to the best of my knowledge, they list their prices publicly on the website. The smartest thing you can do is to check out the price first, instead of appearing like an idiot and asking the agency to questions already answered on their website. They receive a large volume of enquiries a day, and some are legitimate clients while others are not. Local agencies is notorious for not replying you if you do not ask booking questions. This is 2018, not 1998, so if you know how to land on the agency’s website, you clearly should know how to navigate their website to find their prices. Prices here are usually listed publicly, unlike that of USA or maybe even London. So use your fingers and move around their website to see it. It is usually listed very clearly.

Finally, order only when you are ready to. She  is just like a rental girlfriend. If you are not sure if you can make it for the date and time, then do not even bother contacting the agency. Contact when you are free and available, not before that.

As you can tell, ordering in Singapore is very simple. But it may look very ‘hard’. That is true if you are an indecisive individual and not sure if you want to order. Agencies receive one of the largest volumes of weird enquiries daily, and to sieve out weird people, they resort to extreme measures sometimes. So if you want to book fast, easily and hassle-free every time, make sure to be decisive and think through before booking.

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