How Much Do Social Escorts In Singapore Make In Salary?

Just like any other industry in Singapore, the amount that a social escort girl can make can vary largely, due to many different factors. If you are considering an escort job in Singapore, please go here. Otherwise, read on. In the following paragraphs, I will share with you some of the most important deciding factors that can influence your income.

First of all, do you have great availability? If you are an extremely busy individual with little to no free time, it is nearly impossible to get any social escort jobs. This is similar to trying to date while being extremely busy. It is pretty much impossible. Therefore, your availability has great impact on your potential earnings as a model.

Second of all, are you slim, young and attractive? It is proven that men prefer young, slim and attractive women, therefore, it is recommended that you are like that before applying for such an escort job. If you are, then you will probably get most of the clients.

Third of all, are you very stuck up? If you are stuck up or arrogant or aloof, you probably will not get good reviews, and you will also probably not get any recurring/repeat customers. Repeat customers are the secret to you really making a lot of money. If you do not even flirt with your customers and seem to enjoy your time with your clients (whether or not you actually like them), and behave instead like a prude nun who has abhorred by the mere thought of the male species, then you are never going to make it as a social escort in Singapore.

Next of all, do you travel fast? If you respond fast and travel fast to appointments in Singapore, then you will probably make more than those who are slow.

With all of the pointers in mind, most escorts in Singapore make between $200 to $500 per appointment, and taking an average of $350 per appointment, just 2 hours a WEEK will net you a little shy of $3000 a month. Some escorts make a few hundred dollars a month, while popular ones make upwards of $4000-5000 with less than a few hours a week!

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