Differences Between Prostitutes And Escorts In Singapore

You might have heard of the term social escort in Singapore probably from a friend or perhaps from random Internet videos or Googled articles. However, the ignorant public usually do not know the difference between social escorts and prostitutes, when the actual difference is huge!

There are obviously people who masquerade prostitutes as escorts and escorts as prostitutes, but the truth is they are not the same.

They are indeed in the adult entertainment industry, just like nightclubs, bars, e.t.c. However, that is all. Other than that, there are lots of differences between a social escort and a prostitute. Different countries may have different laws, and therefore slightly different definitions, but the following differences are true for that in Singapore.

With that said, let us take a look at some of the key differences.

Singaporean couple kissingServices provided (prostitutes):

Prostitutes provide sexual services to their clients. It is as simple as that. They are not paid to talk, entertain the client in any other form. In such an arrangement, it is illegal for the girl to take the money and not provide any sexual services, as that is exactly what she is paid for. She has to provide those services.

If you tried talking to prostitutes, which you can, you may find that most of them are lowly-educated, from neighboring countries and are usually low class. They are largely secondary or high school dropout equivalents, and have no substance besides their looks, perhaps.

Services provided (escorts):

On the other hand, social escorts are paid for their companionship and time spent with their client. They are in other words, a pretend girlfriend… a very hot and beautiful pretend girlfriend. Imagine you walking down the street and noticing a really hot girl in Singapore. Sometimes you may imagine them being your girlfriend. That is exactly what is happening here. You can immediately buy that fantasy of having a beautiful Singaporean woman to become your girlfriend instantaneously. There is no need for courtship and competing with other men – simply pay and she will be your girlfriend for the number of hours that you engaged her for.

Escorts are usually Diploma or University graduates or undergraduates, and are the typical beautiful, elegant women. Some of them may even be models or office ladies.

Legality (prostitutes):

While prostitution is allowed in Singapore, public soliciting (includes over the Internet!), pimping, maintaining a brothel among some other activities are illegal. Therefore if you approach a ‘service provider’, you may be at legal risk if they get prosecuted. You may be asked for questioning in the event that if you are caught during a bust – because brothels are outlawed in Singapore.

Some of claimed that there are licensed brothels along Geylang. Whether this is true or not, we are not aware of it. However, you can make your own research on that, if you would like to patronize a prostitute along Singapore’s red light district areas.

Legality (escorts):

Social escorts are perfectly legal as long as they do not solicit prostitution. If you noticed, those ‘news’ articles of escorts being caught are always caught for prostitution related charges. They are not charged for being a social escort. Being a social escort is a perfectly legal job. Of course, they better have a citizenship or VISA which allows them to work legally in Singapore. Otherwise, they will also be liable to prosecution under a different law, which is Singapore’s manpower act. And because this is Singapore, you will probably be asked to give your verdict at the police station if you engage a foreigner’s services in Singapore if the girl does not have a legal or valid work status in Singapore. Keep in mind there is no VISA in Singapore allowed for escorts.

If you want a social escort, make sure to engage Singaporeans or permanent residents only.

Singapore girl sitting on a chairPrivacy (prostitutes):

When it comes to engaging prostitutes, you probably need to go for an incall, which basically means that you go the to the prostitute’s location. This is almost always in a shady area such as Geylang. Such places are usually frequented by lower income men of Singapore and foreigners, and imagine what would happen to your social credibility if someone caught you there! It will be downright embarrassing.

In fact, as a result of this, many men feel embarrassed to even go to Geylang to do something completely irrelevant to this such as eating the famous frog porridge or claypot rice just because they are in the vicinity! This is because if they truly went by themselves to do anything else at Geylang, other than visiting prostitutes, they may be wrongly accused too. This is due to Geylang’s ‘bad’ reputation. And if they are indeed visiting prostitutes at Geylang and got seen, that will be really embarrassing for a high SES Singaporean or foreigner business executive!

Privacy (escorts):

Just like meeting someone off Tinder, except that you are guaranteed to meet the girl you want, you can pick the location you want to meet the girl at. You can choose to meet in a public location, or in a private setting. As long as the girl is fine with you and the location, you are free to choose.

Here’s an advice for you.

Always use a SG escort agency which do not sell or solicit sexual services in Singapore if you want a pretty Singaporean girl to be your girlfriend for the day or night. Otherwise, if you are looking for sexual services, you may want to head onto other articles online or elsewhere to look for legal brothels (not sure if they still do exist) in  designated red light districts in Singapore such as Geylang.

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