Five Reasons Why Many Locals Are Becoming Escorts

A lot more local girls are taking on escort jobs or sugar babies, and here are some of the main reasons why that is happening. This phenomenon is not only happing in our country but also around the world.

1. SG girls want to save up for their university fees

University fees are not cheap in Singapore, even after subsidies. Therefore, for many girls who come from low income family, most of them are not sponsored to study by their parents. As a result of this, they will need to go out and work and save up for a few years before being able to apply to and study at a local SG university. Add on to the trend that university fees get more expensive by approximately $400 per enrolment year, it can be a large cost for many girls.

Therefore, most of these girls turn to escorts jobs. In fact, there are also other part time jobs that they can do. However, none of those jobs pay anywhere as well as being a female escort can. Most of these girls turn to be a part time or even full time to quickly make up for that shortfall in their required savings then.

2. The girls want to solve some family issues

Sometimes, a family or the girls may run into financial issues. However, not every type of situation will allow for them to get a loan. Additionally, loan will also have troubles and issues that come along with it.

While some girls who work as one come from middle to upper income families, many are from lower income families and households. As a result of that, if some family member falls ill or something untoward happens to them and they need to raise a large sum of money in a relatively short period of time, they need to make fast cash.

3. Because they want to meet different (richer) people

Some social escorts become one because they like the money that comes with it as well as meeting with wealthy clientele. While the money is a big part of the attraction of the job, why would a girl reject meetings with people who are lawyers, doctors, surgeons, business executives and company owners? These are the very type of people who find escorts and also happen to be the type that every mum wants their daughter to meet. Of course, not all may be nice people, but an overwhelming majority of them will definitely be much more decent than meeting low class uncles who work odd jobs.

4. Girls in Singapore want to buy fancy materialistic items

The allure of being able to buy a fancy handbag with just one or two or three clients is a very attractive thought for many girls. Working in any other kind of job will require potentially weeks just to save up to buy such fancy items. However, when it comes to escorting jobs, which is also done part time most of the time anyway, saving to buy fancy, luxury handbags is very easy.

5. For travelling

Some girls love to travel. The thing about travelling is that it can cost a lot of money if you want to travel in luxury. No girls want to travel like a pauper. While first class or private jets and 5 star hotels is not a must, a relatively decent travel experience is still utmost necessary to truly enjoy traveling. Staying at budget hotels and traveling by hitchhiking is an absolutely miserable way to travel.

Therefore, some of them work flexible hour jobs on top of that to make up for whatever financial shortfall they may be experiencing. This way, they can easily travel once every few months without jeopardizing their financial health.

As you can see from the above reasons, often times, most girls in Singapore do not become one because of superficial reasons. Society likes to make it seem as though that is purely the case. The truth is that, most girls have a variety and multiple reasons why they want to take up such a job position.

Last but not least, this is 2019. This is not 1999. People are less conservative culturally. This does not necessarily means that Singaporean girls are becoming more liberal. It simply means that because of the wide spread proliferation of the Internet, girls who wanted to be one now are able to see that many are like them too and they feel that their actions are more accepted. On the other hand, in the past, because they cannot see similar stories due to the lack of Internet, they are made to think that they are odd and weird and thus they feel embarrassed to take up a female escort job even though it is perfectly fine to have such a job.

Being one is not an easy job, and you have to deal with people you may not necessarily like but pretend to on a daily basis. Make sure to do your own research beforehand and make sure you are capable in all situations before applying. Make sure you read this post to decide if you should truly be one.