Why Do Girls Become Social Escorts In Singapore?

Have you ever wondered some of the reasons why girls become social escorts? Even though it is a legal job, there are lots of taboo around the job in a conservative Asian country such as Singapore. As a result, many people may be curious why girls will be an escort. Here are some of the more common reasons why Singaporean girls turn to escort work.

First of all, need I say more? Money is definitely one of the main lures to the job. Being a female escort can make you a lot of money within a short period of time. This is especially the case considering how few hours you need to work to make the amount. While reports of girls making $10,000 to $30,000 a month are probably faked and grossly exaggerated, making $1000 to $5000 extra a month from being a female escort is very common. Read this post to find out more on how much escort girls in Singapore make on average. Most social escorts in Singapore make between those amounts. Since each one hour deal makes the girl around $250 to $500, it will only take 2 to 10 clients per month to make such type of money. That is a pretty respectable amount of money, considering how the median income from work per household member in Singapore is only $2,792. Ignore the household incomes in Singapore, because many Singaporean households have 3 to 5 people staying in one house. If you look at the above value of $2,792 median income per household member, you are essentially making around that amount per month with just a few hours of work a month! In fact, you can even be a Poly or University student and make that amount if you work as a social escort on the side.

Second of all, one of the best benefits of working as a social escort in Singapore is that it allows you to work a flexible schedule. While you need to work hard if you want to make eye popping amounts of money, there are no red-eye shifts or weekly fixed schedule you need to commit to when it comes to escort service work. You simply go for a job on an ad hoc basis. However, you may want to note that you still want to keep your schedule free or relatively flexible, and that will definitely help you in getting more assignments.

Third of all, you need not quit whatever you are doing now to do work as a social escort in Singapore. Unlike an entire career change, job hop or anything like that, you will never need to quit your school or quit your job to work as a social escort. You can continue your office job, insurance or property agent job or continue studying while working as a social escort in Singapore. That is seriously one of the biggest attractions that a female escort job has in Singapore.

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