Why Sugar Dating Sucks And Escorts Are Better

There are several reasons why you should pick social escort services over sugar dating. And here they are.

1. Pay and the girl instantly pretends to be your girlfriend. No need to interview

Compared to a sugar dating relationship, there is no need for you to still ‘date’ or ‘interview’ the escort to find out if she will be able to connect with you. The whole point of wanting to pay for companionship is so that you do not need to try to make the girl to like you. However, you still need to do that to some extent when it comes to sugar babies. You may meet a potential sugar baby, and she definitely will not act like she is already yours when you first meet.

However, when it comes to social escorts, as long as they are willing to see people of your race and age, then they will instantly pretend as though they were already your girlfriend. There is no need to attract their attention prior to that or convince the girl. They are paid to pretend to like you.

2. Need not to try to chat up the girls online before contacting them in real life. Just book and if they are available, meet

It is less of a hassle. All you need to contact is either the contact number of the independent escort in Singapore or simply contact a registered social escort agency. If they are active, they will try to meet you, or match you up with the escort you desire if you prefer an agency, as do most people in Singapore.

Regardless, there is no need for pointless to and fro and for the girl to think about it whether she wants to even meet you at all. It is a straightforward yes or no answer. It saves you time and unnecessary effort.

3. There are verification processes and prior checks to make sure the escorts (tagged to agencies) look like their images

When it comes to some sugar babies, or perhaps even many independent escorts, there is no guarantee the sugar babies or escorts will look like their photos. Therefore, I recommend that you stick to registered social escort agencies if you want a pleasant experience of meeting women who look the same like their advertised profiles and images! If this is your first time in SG, as long as you approach a registered agency, you should be safe. And you will get a girl who looks like her advertised image.

4. Some sugar babies profiles are dead. Whereas with an agency, they will tell you who’s available and who’s not instantly. For sugar babies, you may need to wait weeks for reply, while escort agencies will reply you in potentially minutes

Many girls create a sugar baby account on sugar dating websites just to look around. Then they never log back in again. If you want to save time and not spend countless days or weeks or even months searching for a suitable girl, then approaching a social escort is a better option. If you have the time to burn and waste, then you can look for sugar babies.

5. No need for a monthly allowance commitment for escorts

There is no long term commitment to an escort, while there are commitments to sugar babies.

Read this for the biggest difference between both of them!

In our opinion, the only main downfall is that full face photos are not revealed.