3 Things You Never Thought Was The Case About Men Who Find Escorts

Here are 3 things you may not know about men who find and look for Singapore escorts from agencies like Mona Liza Love.

They are freaking far from sleazy at all

Firstly, surprise, surprise, surprise. These men are actually not sleazy despite the widespread and mainstream impression of them being so! While many people have the wrong impression that guys who look for escorts are sleazy, they are usually far from it. In fact, many men who look for social escorts in Singapore are highly successful and powerful men around the world. The low class coffeeshop uncles you are thinking of? No, they cannot afford escorts. In fact, it is the very people you look up to or aspire to be or beat e.g. Chief officers of companies, or company owners that hire these companions. They are the only ones who are able to comfortably afford them.

They are not socially awkward!

Secondly, many of these men are not socially awkward! A lot of people in Singapore mistakenly think that clients are socially awkward, and hence are unable to get a girl otherwise. That is not true most of the times, as many clients are smooth. The main reason why they date escorts instead? They do not have time to date normally in a conventional or traditional way. They are way too busy with their business or work in the day, and are simply too tired to go out at all in the night. Therefore, they literally have zero time left daily including weekends to socialize at all. Thus, they simply turn to fast services like this.

They have high educational levels themselves

Thirdly, they are often highly educated. Some people think that only crass, lowly educated people will hire these girls. However, that is not true. In fact, many clients who contact agencies like ours are often highly educated and successful individuals! Most of them hold at least a university degree or higher.