Why Are Escorts Used For Business Events Or Whatnot?

There are many business meetings, conferences and gatherings for wealthy and powerful business executives in Singapore. To some of these gatherings, some men bring a Singapore escort girl along with them. Why do they do this? Here are some possible reasons:

To show off his own position in society as a distinguished and accomplished man

First of all, some men definitely treat social escorts as a form of status symbol. It is often said that if a man turns up at a gathering with a beautiful woman, his status is seen as elevated! Think about why some people like to buy expensive watches like Rolexes or Patek Philippes. Think about why people drive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Status symbol can be seen as something very important to certain people in Singapore. And in a status driven country like ours, this is seen as even more important! After all, people in the country are known to be kiasu in general!

Everyone loves a hot woman!

Second of all, which man does not love the company of a beautiful woman? The truth is, most men do. However, only a few can afford to hire a beautiful escort. Only the rich ones do. So these men who look for companions are usually very wealthy. That is why wealthy men are a major demographic of the type of clients who look for such services.

Because they can, so they do so

Third of all, just because they can. A lot of people are surprised by this, but the truth is, a lot of people do things for seemingly no logical reasons from the point of view of outsiders. For instance, some people ask why do some people buy big houses when they do not need that much space? The answer is sometimes, because they can. And so on.

So the above are reasons why both local and foreign men in our country love to engage companions to events.