Why Many Expats Prefer Escorts Over Tinder Dates

Many expatriates living in Singapore prefer meeting a social escort instead of dating through applications like Tinder. If you are looking for an escort in Singapore, check out our website and hire one of our girls! If you are wondering why they are so much more popular over Tinder, then read on first!

  • Many girls will only be interested to chat and meet up if you look like you are interested in a long term relationship. While short term dating may be rampant on Tinder when used in other countries, it is not as effective locally. Any expat who has been in the country for some time will definitely attest to this.
  • Tinder is very heavily looks and photos based. If you are great at taking photographs of yourself and placing it on Tinder, it will work great for you. However, most guys and especially successful and busy expats do not do well in this area. Therefore, it is far easier for them to simply date a paid companion. After all, they are not going to live for the long term here in the country anyway.
  • Meeting a female escort saves time – there is no need for long and lengthy wooing time. This is especially the case if you choose an agency over freelancers, as they usually process appointments quicker. Most expats lead a busy work life, and barely have any free time. Needing to swipe right on Tinder countless times only for barely a few matches is a big waste of time.
  • Here are also some additional benefits that the former offers over the latter

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