Why Freelance Girls Suck And Why You Need To Choose An Agency

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to pick hire a call girl through a Singapore escort agency instead of freelancers.

An organization will only have incentive to recommend you good escorts

An agency has no incentive to recommend you a lousy girl. The reason for that is because they have more than 1 girl. They can easily recommend you another lady if you do not like one of them. They only risk their reputation if they recommend you a poorly reviewed lady. That can hardly be said to be true when it comes to freelancers, because if they themselves provide bad service or are ugly, then they do not stand to gain anything by recommending you someone else as they cannot make any money themselves that way! That is why freelancers unfortunately have the incentive to lie to customers, and for that main reason, we strongly do not recommend independents.

Agencies will tend to utilize real images

Also, a company will have more incentive to only use real and genuine photos of their escorts. Similar to the above point, there is no need for a genuine agency to hard sell you. They can just recommend a different model if you prefer another. They will still benefit either way regardless of whichever lady you so desire, so they do not have any incentives to lie to you. On the other hand, freelance girls only make money when you choose them, hence some of them resort to unscrupulous means like using fake pictures. A simple search on independent sites will reveal such stolen images from Google images. Anyone who has engaged them will realize that the actual woman looks nothing like her supposed photographs!

Verification for most organizations are just one time, and that will save you lots of time and headache over the long term once you have found a good agent

Most reputable companions in Singapore will require you to provide verification documents to them before you are allowed to place a booking. When you engage through an agency, you just need to do this once. However, with freelance girls, you will need to do it each and every single time, which can sometimes be a hassle, especially if some of them require much more details, which most freelancers do.