SGWolf Now Called SG888 – Are They Safe To Use In Singapore?

Are SGWolf or 狼群网 now known as SG888 ok to use in Singapore?

These companies are known by various different types of brands, and usually just switch to another after one of their websites get busted by the Singapore police. In case you are wondering what we are referring to, SGWolf and SG888 are also known as the following set of names in Singapore:

  • SGwolves
  • SG wolves
  • 狼群
  • 狼群网
  • SG888
  • SG888SG

Basically the Chinese words are also referring to the brand name. These are basically sites which list a list of almost always mainland China girls in Singapore who are working as ‘escorts’. Some of you may have even thought about patronizing them! However, are such websites safe or legal to use here?

SGWolf and 狼群网, the one which got arrested in Singapore

The most famous one of them all was SGWolf, which supposedly went down after a news article came out on March 2019 on Zaobao. The girls operating on the website were arrested, and several other arrests were also made at that time. 179 in total were caught. While some call these girls escorts, they really are not. They are prostitutes. While some mistake them as being the same, they really are not.

Are you as a potential customer in danger of getting caught too if you use such websites? Well, browsing the website alone may not get you into any issues, however, if you contact any of their ladies and get caught by a police operation while you are with their ladies, good luck. You will likely be investigated, even if you are innocent. That is a lot of unnecessary problems, and a potential wreck to your reputation if you are a powerful business executive.

SG888 was reborn in its SGWolf image

After SGWolf or SG Wolves got deleted after the big arrest in March 2019, some unknown webmaster quickly rebranded the website and came back out again to capitalize on this loss and now calling it SG888.

While blocked in some places, it is still available on some networks. Should you still use them if you would like to look for such services?

The answer is a flat no. While prostitution is legal in Singapore, soliciting of prostitution is not, and since that SG888 website and others similar to it solicit prostitution over a public medium like the Internet, they are definitely not legal. And you definitely do not want to be caught if you engage their services and they got arrested!

If you must look for a prostitute in Singapore, you may go to the designated red light districts to look for legal ones. Here are some differences between prostitutes and escorts.

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