Pass Us These Booking Details If You Are A 1st Timer In SG

If you are looking to make a booking for one of our girls, here are some of the verification details that will be required especially if you are a first time client making a booking with our escorts Singapore agency.

Location or exact neighbourhood area

First of all, we definitely need to know your location or where you intend to meet the girl! Since our services are only on an out call basis, we will need the location, the neighborhood and the place where you will like to meet one of our models. Simply provide us the street address or the building name, and we will be able to advise you

Time for the date

Second of all, moving on, if you have a particular time range within which you would like to meet one of the girls, then you can simply provide us with your requirements. Please be reasonable, and only contact for an appointment in advance of around 2 hours or more. However, if you are looking for an advance enquiry or something similar to that, or you only wish to meet at a very particular time, then you can let us know your requirements when it comes to the meeting time.

Proof for your location or place of residence for foreigners

Third of all, if you are a foreigner to Singapore, we will require your registered legal name and room number to prove your arrival and location in Singapore. This is always the case for all first time clients. If you are a local, then sometimes, a deposit and partial transfer will be required to confirm your reservation for our model’s time.

Basic description about yourself so the girl can see the correct guy later

Next of all, we will also require some basic details so that the lady will know who to look for as well. We will need basic stuff like your age and your ethnicity, if it is not obvious enough from your name alone, or if you have a highly unusual name. We do not want unnecessary embarrassment where the girl asks other guys if they are you. Imagine if those guys happen to know you, that can potentially result in unnecessary probing of information from you by your friends which is clearly unnecessary.

Last but not least, if you are meeting the escort in a relatively crowded or potentially crowded place, wherever that may be, it is important to let us know what you will be dressed in, and we will let you know the necessary details vice versa for the girl as well. This is so that both of you can identify each other after we confirm separately to you and the model that both has arrived at the meeting destination.

So there you go! The above are the bare minimum information which we will require from you, but that is about it if you were to look for us. If you were to look for freelance girls though, they will usually require many more details from you such as you needing to contact them from your company email, your name card and much more intrusive details. That, and among other reasons are why agencies are recommended over freelance girls.