What’s The Most Discernable Differences Between Sugar Baby And Escort?

So what is the largest difference between sugar babies and escort ladies? If you have ever wondered the answer to this question, then you are in for a good treat!

Firstly, a sugar baby, is normally an appealing more youthful female who simply cannot afford her high-end lifestyle, partly because she just started her career or is only a university student. These women then look for what is called a sugar daddy and the couple will usually develop a financial arrangement early on – as well as their border. Some of these women request a regular monthly allowance, while other get ‘costs’ in the kind of glam holidays and shopping sprees. In short, the former is a girlfriend who is only there because of the money.

On the other hand, the latter are service providers in SG. She either works as a freelancer, or most in Singapore work under an agency. These girls are basically working a job, and see their work as a job, therefore, if you are looking for something as more no strings attached, then this is definitely the way to go. It is just like going to a hostess club, she definitely has no interest in clinging onto you unnecessary when you do not want her around your personal life. She will only be there when you want, and will disappear when you do not want.

While there are other differences, we feel that the above mentioned is the biggest difference – basically the basis for how the entire interaction happens. The former is definitely more relationship like, while the latter is more transactional. It depends on what you really prefer, as every man is different. However, it is obvious that for the busy business executive who do not want to get into a long term relationship yet, such paid companions are a far better option than e.g. Tinder.

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