Why Do Local Escorts Not Show Their Faces? Are They Shy?

Have you ever wondered why genuine and real Singaporean nationality escort girls who work as one do not show their face photos? Here are some of the common reasons why that is the case, and that when it comes to a genuine SG escort call girl, they do not show their full face pictures.

Socially conservative

One of the biggest reasons is because SG girls are socially conservative, and while they are fine with working as one, most certainly do not want their faces plastered all over the Internet. You see, almost no genuine locals actually work full time as one. This means that they are almost either a student or an office lady. This means that they have a life outside of this escort work! Therefore, they definitely do not want their faces being exposed to people who are in their personal lives such as their friends, family or colleagues. So, it is important to the local women that their face photos are always protected and not shown to the public or online when it comes to their sideline as this.

The locals are very busybody

Another reason for this is because Singaporeans are known to be a very busybody bunch of people. You only need look at local forums like EDMW where hundreds and thousands of people gossip online all day long. You can also look at STOMP where people used to post images of people doing random things just because they want their 1 minute of fame for being the one who submitted something juicy which is none of their business. Therefore, when it comes to something so juicy as our industry, there is a very high chance that somebody will be interested in being the person with 1 minute of fame and spread around these pictures illegally and unethically. Therefore, the girls here are aware of this local busybody culture, and so they prevent potential future issues, complications and troubles by simply never ever showing their face pictures to anyone, including their clients.

As a result of the above, to attract these women to come work with them, agencies also do not put up such facial images, or nobody will be willing to apply to these companies ever.

Therefore, the above are the reasons why the women who live in our country or city are not interested in showing their full face images to clients, as you can see the censored images here.