Singapore Nightlife For Adults – Things To Do In SG At Night

While Singapore was traditionally known to be a fishing port, then a shipping hub, then a financial hub, Singapore is also fast becoming a hotspot for adult nightlife activities!

Fun filled activities adults can do at night in Singapore!

While there are lots of activities that you can do all around Singapore, many argue that the best adult nightlife activities in Singapore is actually still around the city area. This means Marina Bay, Chinatown and Clarke Quay area.

The good news for you is that these places are relatively close to each other! Even if you do not drive or intend to drink, taking a Grab or Gojek is cheap between these areas due to the close proximity.

With more and more adult entertainment services popping up in Singapore, you are actually spoilt for choice.

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Enjoy yourself at either or both of Singapore’s local casinos

Keep in mind that there are only two legal casinos in Singapore – the one by Genting at Resorts World Sentosa and the one at Marina Bay Sands. Singapore government and police takes a hard stance on all forms of illegal gambling – so make sure not to join any illegal gambling den!

If you are a foreigner, good news! You need not pay the extra $100 toll to enter the casinos.

Enjoy the expat nightlife at Clarke Quay

Many expats like to hang out at the bars and nightclubs situated at Clarke Quay. Along the riverside, there are lots of places which are catered to the adult nightlife industry. Simply head over there and pick one or more of the entertainment options! It is one good place to spoil yourself with choices.


One simply cannot mention night clubs in Singapore without mentioning Zouk. One of the largest night clubs for adults in Singapore, Zouk is one of the most popular choices among both locals and foreigners. While there are many small clubs which have come up, failed and left, Zouk has stood its mettle against time. It is definitely something that you should check out!

KTV clubs

While there are family oriented ones, there are also adult oriented ones. While some call them sleazy, they can actually be legally operational. Obviously, go for those legal ones.

Also, keep in mind that public soliciting of prostitution is illegal. So while you enjoy yourself at these KTV clubs and have these beautiful hostesses flirt with you while you tip them money, do not make any illegal moves. You have been warned! Heavy flirting and non sexual touches are usually fine. So as long as you keep to that and not be greedy, you will have a good time!