Why Do Local Escorts Not Show Their Faces? Are They Shy?

Have you ever wondered why genuine and real Singaporean nationality escort girls who work as one do not show their face photos? Here are some of the common reasons why that is the case, and that when it comes to a genuine SG escort call girl, they do not show their full face pictures.

Socially conservative

One of the biggest reasons is because SG girls are socially conservative, and while they are fine with working as one, most certainly do not want their faces plastered all over the Internet. You see, almost no genuine locals actually work full time as one. This means that they are almost either a student or an office lady. This means that they have a life outside of this escort work! Therefore, they definitely do not want their faces being exposed to people who are in their personal lives such as their friends, family or colleagues. So, it is important to the local women that their face photos are always protected and not shown to the public or online when it comes to their sideline as this.

The locals are very busybody

Another reason for this is because Singaporeans are known to be a very busybody bunch of people. You only need look at local forums like EDMW where hundreds and thousands of people gossip online all day long. You can also look at STOMP where people used to post images of people doing random things just because they want their 1 minute of fame for being the one who submitted something juicy which is none of their business. Therefore, when it comes to something so juicy as our industry, there is a very high chance that somebody will be interested in being the person with 1 minute of fame and spread around these pictures illegally and unethically. Therefore, the girls here are aware of this local busybody culture, and so they prevent potential future issues, complications and troubles by simply never ever showing their face pictures to anyone, including their clients.

As a result of the above, to attract these women to come work with them, agencies also do not put up such facial images, or nobody will be willing to apply to these companies ever.

Therefore, the above are the reasons why the women who live in our country or city are not interested in showing their full face images to clients, as you can see the censored images here.

What’s The Most Discernable Differences Between Sugar Baby And Escort?

So what is the largest difference between sugar babies and escort ladies? If you have ever wondered the answer to this question, then you are in for a good treat!

Firstly, a sugar baby, is normally an appealing more youthful female who simply cannot afford her high-end lifestyle, partly because she just started her career or is only a university student. These women then look for what is called a sugar daddy and the couple will usually develop a financial arrangement early on – as well as their border. Some of these women request a regular monthly allowance, while other get ‘costs’ in the kind of glam holidays and shopping sprees. In short, the former is a girlfriend who is only there because of the money.

On the other hand, the latter are service providers in SG. She either works as a freelancer, or most in Singapore work under an agency. These girls are basically working a job, and see their work as a job, therefore, if you are looking for something as more no strings attached, then this is definitely the way to go. It is just like going to a hostess club, she definitely has no interest in clinging onto you unnecessary when you do not want her around your personal life. She will only be there when you want, and will disappear when you do not want.

While there are other differences, we feel that the above mentioned is the biggest difference – basically the basis for how the entire interaction happens. The former is definitely more relationship like, while the latter is more transactional. It depends on what you really prefer, as every man is different. However, it is obvious that for the busy business executive who do not want to get into a long term relationship yet, such paid companions are a far better option than e.g. Tinder.

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How Fast Can Selected Girl Travel To Your Area In Singapore?

After a client has made a booking with one of our Singapore escorts, usually the next question is how fast can the girl reach, and what time she can reach. Let us address some of the factors that can affect this timing in Singapore.

Dependent on how fast you provide your details

Firstly, you will need to provide us some basic booking details to process your appointment with our lady. Some clients provide us this information the moment we ask for it, and for those cases, your appointments can really be expedited and will be the quickest possible. Our agent will be able to respond to you as soon as possible, and quicker than others as you have provided the information immediately.

Now it is time for availability checking

Secondly, our agent will now be checking the availability for the lady you had indicated you would like to make a booking with. Depending on the model’s availability, we will get back to you as soon as possible. In the event that the particular chosen lady is unavailable, we will be able to provide you with similar recommendations, and you are free to take us up on that offer.

The lady will put on her make up and preparation

Thirdly, once the model has been confirmed on by you, she will start preparing her make up and travel to the location. All these make up and preparation will usually take approximately 20 minutes.


Physical travelling time

Fourthly, the lady will be usually taking a taxi ride to the meeting location. Only during non urgent bookings will she potentially take the MRT. For this example, we will use taxi ride as a gauge. This will take approximately 30 minutes if we include the waiting time for the taxi to arrive. That is an average. During non peak hours, and if the escort happens to be near your location, she will be able to arrive perhaps in just 20 minutes. During peak hours or if she happens to be far away, then she may take around 40 minutes.

Accounting for potential unexpected delays

Finally, there may be some unexpected time delays, and if we were to account for that too to be more realistic about the time expectations, then the total will be around 1 hour 30 minutes. It is relatively fast regardless of the time in the day, evening or night so that is another reason why our country is a hotspot to meet these paid companions.

Pass Us These Booking Details If You Are A 1st Timer In SG

If you are looking to make a booking for one of our girls, here are some of the verification details that will be required especially if you are a first time client making a booking with our escorts Singapore agency.

Location or exact neighbourhood area

First of all, we definitely need to know your location or where you intend to meet the girl! Since our services are only on an out call basis, we will need the location, the neighborhood and the place where you will like to meet one of our models. Simply provide us the street address or the building name, and we will be able to advise you further.phone

Time for the date

Second of all, moving on, if you have a particular time range within which you would like to meet one of the girls, then you can simply provide us with your requirements. Please be reasonable, and only contact for an appointment in advance of around 2 hours or more. However, if you are looking for an advance enquiry or something similar to that, or you only wish to meet at a very particular time, then you can let us know your requirements when it comes to the meeting time.

Proof for your location or place of residence for foreigners

Third of all, if you are a foreigner to Singapore, we will require your registered legal name and room number to prove your arrival and location in Singapore. This is always the case for all first time clients. If you are a local, then sometimes, a deposit and partial transfer will be required to confirm your reservation for our model’s time.

Basic description about yourself so the girl can see the correct guy later

Next of all, we will also require some basic details so that the lady will know who to look for as well. We will need basic stuff like your age and your ethnicity, if it is not obvious enough from your name alone, or if you have a highly unusual name. We do not want unnecessary embarrassment where the girl asks other guys if they are you. Imagine if those guys happen to know you, that can potentially result in unnecessary probing of information from you by your friends which is clearly unnecessary.

Last but not least, if you are meeting the escort in a relatively crowded or potentially crowded place, wherever that may be, it is important to let us know what you will be dressed in, and we will let you know the necessary details vice versa for the girl as well. This is so that both of you can identify each other after we confirm separately to you and the model that both has arrived at the meeting destination.

So there you go! The above are the bare minimum information which we will require from you, but that is about it if you were to look for us. If you were to look for freelance girls though, they will usually require many more details from you such as you needing to contact them from your company email, your name card and much more intrusive details. That, and among other reasons are why agencies are recommended over freelance girls.

Why Men Find Local Singapore Ladies Absolutely Irresistible

It is no secret that men love local girls in Singapore. That is why there is such skyrocketing demand for our Singapore escort services week after week. However, why is that the case? Here are some of the common reasons why that is the case.

Educated and classy

Firstly, Singaporean girls are educated and classy in general. Since the local education system forces everyone to have some basic education, and the local culture makes everyone work even harder, generally speaking, the locals are hardworking and educated. This makes SG girls perfect even as a companion to events. This may be something that is difficult to do when it comes to escorts of other countries and nationalities.

Easy to communicate with

Secondly, it is so easy to communicate with the locals. This is also a big reason why they are in high demand in our city. While you may think that certain women from certain places look absolutely stunning when you are travelling around the world, it can be annoying if you do not know how to communicate with them, and do not even speak the same language. It can be quite a turn off when they cannot even speak English coherently. However, that is not the case locally. The women here are all well versed in conversational and even written English. In fact, English is used as the first language of the country. Therefore, all of them know how to speak English fluently and well.

Natural looking

Thirdly, the women are natural looking. In certain other cities, plastic surgery seems to be the norm. However, most men actually prefer the natural look, it is just that much more attractive. Just some make up will do, plastic surgery usually is overkill. SG women are almost always natural, and do not have any plastic surgery done to them whatsoever. So rejoice if you are also a client who love the natural look, because almost every lady is like this here!

If You Are Visiting Asia, You Need To Meet Girls While In Singapore!

If you are thinking of meeting Singapore escorts while you are visiting Asia, we are the top choice for you.

First of all, the city state is well known for tight security and its strict laws on drugs usage. So if you are worried about engaging a girl who turns out to be a drug addict, this will not be the case in Singapore. Needless to say, only stick to local girls, as the foreigners may not abide the laws so closely. For instance, this is an article explaining why certain sites are not recommended at all due to the violation of local laws.

Second of all, it is an English speaking country. In fact, it is one of the rare few countries within the entire Asia which is English speaking first. The first language is actually English, and not Mandarin! However, most local people and citizens are actually multilingual. Thankfully for you, this means that if you come from Europe, Australia or United States, you will be able to easily find and communicate with any escort locally, as long as you pick a genuine Singaporean lady. Keep in mind that there are foreigners working in the country illegally and pretending they are a citizen. It is usually very obvious to sieve them out simply by listening to the way they speak English and their accents if any!

Third of all, SG is a small country. This means that you need not specifically travel to a particular part of the country or the city to find good and beautiful girls. It is almost exclusively outcall only, and the women will travel to your location to meet you at your convenience. This saves a lot of your time. Since most travellers stay in the central region of SG like Orchard or the city area, it is also convenient for the ladies you so prefer to meet you.

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Why Freelance Girls Suck And Why You Need To Choose An Agency

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to pick hire a call girl through a Singapore escort agency instead of freelancers.

An organization will only have incentive to recommend you good escorts

An agency has no incentive to recommend you a lousy girl. The reason for that is because they have more than 1 girl. They can easily recommend you another lady if you do not like one of them. They only risk their reputation if they recommend you a poorly reviewed lady. That can hardly be said to be true when it comes to freelancers, because if they themselves provide bad service or are ugly, then they do not stand to gain anything by recommending you someone else as they cannot make any money themselves that way! That is why freelancers unfortunately have the incentive to lie to customers, and for that main reason, we strongly do not recommend independents.

Agencies will tend to utilize real images

Also, a company will have more incentive to only use real and genuine photos of their escorts. Similar to the above point, there is no need for a genuine agency to hard sell you. They can just recommend a different model if you prefer another. They will still benefit either way regardless of whichever lady you so desire, so they do not have any incentives to lie to you. On the other hand, freelance girls only make money when you choose them, hence some of them resort to unscrupulous means like using fake pictures. A simple search on independent sites will reveal such stolen images from Google images. Anyone who has engaged them will realize that the actual woman looks nothing like her supposed photographs!

Verification for most organizations are just one time, and that will save you lots of time and headache over the long term once you have found a good agent

Most reputable companions in Singapore will require you to provide verification documents to them before you are allowed to place a booking. When you engage through an agency, you just need to do this once. However, with freelance girls, you will need to do it each and every single time, which can sometimes be a hassle, especially if some of them require much more details, which most freelancers do.

Why Expats Enjoy Meeting Escorts Instead Of Utilizing Tinder

Many expatriates living locally here prefer meeting a social escort instead of dating through applications like Tinder. If you are looking for a model locally in the country, check out our Singapore escort website and hire one of our girls! If you are wondering why they are so much more popular over Tinder, then read on first!

Short term or casual relationships are difficult to find on Tinder in Singapore

Many girls in SG will only be interested to chat and meet up if you look like you are interested in a long term relationship. While short term dating may be rampant on Tinder when used in other countries, it is not as effective locally. Any expat who has been in the country for some time will definitely attest to this.

If you are not good at taking images of yourself, Tinder will not work for you

Tinder is very heavily looks and photos based. If you are great at taking photographs of yourself and placing it on Tinder, it will work great for you. Keep in mind, I even go so far to say that it is about your photos only, not even how you actually look! Even if you are super handsome but take an ugly picture, you are not going to get any responses. Most guys and especially successful and busy expats do not do well in this area as they are not so free to learn how to take flattering selfies, and are more focused on fattening their wallets and bank accounts. Therefore, it is far easier for them to simply date a paid companion. After all, they are not going to live for the long term here in the country anyway.

They can save their own time trying to pick up girls

Meeting a female escort saves time – there is no need for long and lengthy wooing time. This is especially the case if you choose an agency over freelancers, as they usually process appointments quicker. Most expats lead a busy work life, and barely have any free time. Needing to swipe right on Tinder countless times only for barely a few matches is a big waste of time.

If you are looking to make a booking for the first time in our country as well, then make sure to give our quick guide a read over here.

Why Are Escorts Seemingly Always In High Demand Over Here?

Singapore city

Escorts are desired by men all over the world, however, they are particularly popular in SG. Why is that so? Here are the reasons why.

First of all, these call girl models do not come cheap regardless of where you engaged them. However, they are even more expensive here. However, SG has lots of business and investor events and conferences due to its investor friendly laws as well as pro business environment generally speaking. This means that many wealthy people visit our country on a daily and weekly basis as most of them are businessmen. As a result of this high volume of wealthy people entering the city frequently, there is higher demand for these services locally. Where money goes, demand for such services goes.

Second of all, Singapore is a predominantly English speaking country. While locals come in all races, almost all of them can speak fluent English. This is particularly the case with the younger generation. Since escorts are generally young and in their 20s or maximum early 30s, they can speak fluent English. This makes them a pleasant companion to be with, compared to ladies of neighbouring countries! Additionally, SG has lots of models who are of all kinds of different races, including Chinese, Malay, Indian and mixed people as well! Therefore, our city has a great selection of different types of girls for you to pick from as your paid companion. This is unlike most other countries where it is predominantly only that of a certain race or whatnot.

Third of all, many people in Singapore are middle class and above. Therefore, the locals are also able to engage such companions thanks to their relatively decent income. In fact, while people think that demand in the niche or industry is mostly tourist driven, that is not true. Locals actually play a big part as well. What can I say, the local ladies are just too beautiful to resist. Since many locals are at least middle class and above, they are capable to engage these companions once in a while too!

Why Are Escorts Used For Business Events Or Whatnot?

There are many business meetings, conferences and gatherings for wealthy and powerful business executives in Singapore. To some of these gatherings, some men bring a Singapore escort girl along with them. Why do they do this? Here are some possible reasons:

To show off his own position in society as a distinguished and accomplished man

First of all, some men definitely treat social escorts as a form of status symbol. It is often said that if a man turns up at a gathering with a beautiful woman, his status is seen as elevated! Think about why some people like to buy expensive watches like Rolexes or Patek Philippes. Think about why people drive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Status symbol can be seen as something very important to certain people in Singapore. And in a status driven country like ours, this is seen as even more important! After all, people in the country are known to be kiasu in general!

Everyone loves a hot woman!

Second of all, which man does not love the company of a beautiful woman? The truth is, most men do. However, only a few can afford to hire a beautiful escort. Only the rich ones do. So these men who look for companions are usually very wealthy. That is why wealthy men are a major demographic of the type of clients who look for such services.

Because they can, so they do so

Third of all, just because they can. A lot of people are surprised by this, but the truth is, a lot of people do things for seemingly no logical reasons from the point of view of outsiders. For instance, some people ask why do some people buy big houses when they do not need that much space? The answer is sometimes, because they can. And so on.

So the above are reasons why both local and foreign men in our country love to engage companions to events.