Secret Places In Singapore You’ve Never Seen Before

Here are some little known and secret places in Singapore that many locals have never seen before also! Let us know in the comments section below if you know of more!

First of all, if you are sick and tired of dining in mainland Singapore, yet do not wish to take your passport and travel, here is a great and secret location in Singapore. And no, I am not referring to a restaurant on Sentosa or Pulau Ubin. It will be the Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant! Located just a short 15 minutes boat ride away from Changi Village Ferry Terminal, Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant is a floating restaurant located off Singapore’s shores. This is one of the most secret and unique places you can possibly dine in Singapore. It is basically a floating restaurant.

Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant final
Credits to Smith Marine

Secondly, it will be a dilapidated looking treehouse underneath a Banyan Tree along Kallang Riverside. While this is not a place suitable to bring your date to, it is a unique and definitely secret place that many Singaporeans also do not know about!

treehouse at Kallang Riverside

Third of all, it will be Gardenasia! Located off Kranji, it is a secret place in Singapore that many locals and foreigners know nothing about. A resort and bistro place at the extreme North-Western end of Singapore, at the very edge of Singapore, is GardenAsia. Want a true Bali style resort staycation without leaving Singapore? Then GardenAsia is a great place for a date!

Credits to GardenAsia