Why Freelance Girls Suck And Why You Need To Choose An Agency

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to pick hire a call girl through a Singapore escort agency instead of freelancers.

An organization will only have incentive to recommend you good escorts

An agency has no incentive to recommend you a lousy girl. The reason for that is because they have more than 1 girl. They can easily recommend you another lady if you do not like one of them. They only risk their reputation if they recommend you a poorly reviewed lady. That can hardly be said to be true when it comes to freelancers, because if they themselves provide bad service or are ugly, then they do not stand to gain anything by recommending you someone else as they cannot make any money themselves that way! That is why freelancers unfortunately have the incentive to lie to customers, and for that main reason, we strongly do not recommend independents.

Agencies will tend to utilize real images

Also, a company will have more incentive to only use real and genuine photos of their escorts. Similar to the above point, there is no need for a genuine agency to hard sell you. They can just recommend a different model if you prefer another. They will still benefit either way regardless of whichever lady you so desire, so they do not have any incentives to lie to you. On the other hand, freelance girls only make money when you choose them, hence some of them resort to unscrupulous means like using fake pictures. A simple search on independent sites will reveal such stolen images from Google images. Anyone who has engaged them will realize that the actual woman looks nothing like her supposed photographs!

Verification for most organizations are just one time, and that will save you lots of time and headache over the long term once you have found a good agent

Most reputable companions in Singapore will require you to provide verification documents to them before you are allowed to place a booking. When you engage through an agency, you just need to do this once. However, with freelance girls, you will need to do it each and every single time, which can sometimes be a hassle, especially if some of them require much more details, which most freelancers do.

Why Are Escorts Used For Business Events Or Whatnot?

There are many business meetings, conferences and gatherings for wealthy and powerful business executives in Singapore. To some of these gatherings, some men bring a Singapore escort girl along with them. Why do they do this? Here are some possible reasons:

To show off his own position in society as a distinguished and accomplished man

First of all, some men definitely treat social escorts as a form of status symbol. It is often said that if a man turns up at a gathering with a beautiful woman, his status is seen as elevated! Think about why some people like to buy expensive watches like Rolexes or Patek Philippes. Think about why people drive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Status symbol can be seen as something very important to certain people in Singapore. And in a status driven country like ours, this is seen as even more important! After all, people in the country are known to be kiasu in general!

Everyone loves a hot woman!

Second of all, which man does not love the company of a beautiful woman? The truth is, most men do. However, only a few can afford to hire a beautiful escort. Only the rich ones do. So these men who look for companions are usually very wealthy. That is why wealthy men are a major demographic of the type of clients who look for such services.

Because they can, so they do so

Third of all, just because they can. A lot of people are surprised by this, but the truth is, a lot of people do things for seemingly no logical reasons from the point of view of outsiders. For instance, some people ask why do some people buy big houses when they do not need that much space? The answer is sometimes, because they can. And so on.

So the above are reasons why both local and foreign men in our country love to engage companions to events.

3 Things You Never Thought Was The Case About Men Who Find Escorts

Here are 3 things you may not know about men who find and look for Singapore escorts from agencies like Mona Liza Love.

They are freaking far from sleazy at all

Firstly, surprise, surprise, surprise. These men are actually not sleazy despite the widespread and mainstream impression of them being so! While many people have the wrong impression that guys who look for escorts are sleazy, they are usually far from it. In fact, many men who look for social escorts in Singapore are highly successful and powerful men around the world. The low class coffeeshop uncles you are thinking of? No, they cannot afford escorts. In fact, it is the very people you look up to or aspire to be or beat e.g. Chief officers of companies, or company owners that hire these companions. They are the only ones who are able to comfortably afford them.

They are not socially awkward!

Secondly, many of these men are not socially awkward! A lot of people in Singapore mistakenly think that clients are socially awkward, and hence are unable to get a girl otherwise. That is not true most of the times, as many clients are smooth. The main reason why they date escorts instead? They do not have time to date normally in a conventional or traditional way. They are way too busy with their business or work in the day, and are simply too tired to go out at all in the night. Therefore, they literally have zero time left daily including weekends to socialize at all. Thus, they simply turn to fast services like this.

They have high educational levels themselves

Thirdly, they are often highly educated. Some people think that only crass, lowly educated people will hire these girls. However, that is not true. In fact, many clients who contact agencies like ours are often highly educated and successful individuals! Most of them hold at least a university degree or higher.

How To Find Paid Female Companions In SG – Best Methods

There are basically a few different ways you can find female Singapore escorts, although not all of them are equally effective. Here are some of the best methods.

First way to find them in Singapore will be to simply Google for them! There are lots of directories, and websites. But the grand daddy of them all is Google as one Google search can easily bring out millions of search results. You can then look through them. You probably found our agency through a simple search like that too at some point in time. It is definitely the easiest way in an Internet connected country like ours.

The second way to find is to look for agencies (which best method of search for is still looking through Google), and to engage an escort through them. This is especially the case when it comes to quality models. This is because, when it comes to independents, it is hit or miss. And you will continually need to take the risk that she does not look like her photographs. However, once you have found a good agency, you can stick to them and their recommendations. This is because a company functions as a third party which verifies the looks and profiles and details of the ladies on behalf of you.

The third way which is not so commonly used in this day and age is to look at Yellow Pages. Yellow pages still has an online directory in Singapore, though it is presumably outdated, and listed with lots of already defunct website. Yellow pages itself is pretty outdated, and few people use it with the advent of search engines and other websites. Nonetheless, if you want to, you can try Yellow Pages, but I want to give you the disclaimer that it is probably not recommended and far from being the best method to look for a paid female companion or model.

Who Are The Mysterious Men Who Secretly Find Escorts?

If you never engaged a Singapore escort before, and could not imagine ordering one, but curious as to whom are the men who will find these services, then read on!

Men Who Have No Intentions To Get Married

Not every man in Singapore wants to get married, just like not every couple in Singapore wants to have kids. As for these men, they may still want a companion from time to time as they can be lonely too. However, instead of hitting on girls on apps like Tinder e.t.c. and date the girls with no intention to get married (and hence unethical and wasting everyone’s time), they find escorts as a romantic companion and a professional girlfriend.

Divorced Men

If a man just got divorced, he probably does not want to get into another serious relationship – at least not so soon. However, it makes no sense for him to see a marriage counsellor as well as he is already divorced. Therefore, he may want to confide in someone and pour out his feelings. However, it may be too extreme to see a psychiatrist for this, and not convenient for him to tell his friends or family members. Therefore, these divorced men may seek solace in the companionship of a beautiful woman and the escort doubles up as a ‘psychiatrist’ on top of being a professional girlfriend/companion.

Busy Career Men Who Do Not Want To Get Married Yet

Some Singaporean men want to focus on their career. Not every man prioritizes getting married and having a family. Some men who are ambitious may want to pursue their career and make sure they are making a lot of money before deciding to get married. During this period of time where they are working on their careers, they usually have little to no time to date conventionally at all. Therefore, they turn to social escorts.

Men Who Want A ‘Status Symbol’ At An Event

There are lots of business events in Singapore. Showing up to these events with a pretty girl is like driving up in a Lamborghini. It is a form of status symbol. That is why you sometimes hear the term – arm candy. These escorts are hired to make the men look good. Imagine the man turning up at an event by himself, versus with a drop-dead gorgeous looking model. It makes a world of difference when it comes to the impression that he can give others! It may sound superficial, but this is a real reason why many men find escorts for. This is also a side effect of Singapore attracting lots of rich male visitors.

Indian Escorts – How To Find Them?

A lot of people look for Indian escorts in Singapore. If that sounds like you, then here are some ways you can find the most beautiful Indian ladies in SG.

Find them through an agency or organization

You can find them through local agencies in SG like ours which provide escort service locally. We only hire Permanent Residents and Singaporean ethnic Indians. We individually verify each and every single model’s photographs and details before putting them up on our website. Therefore, if you want a true Indian escort whether you are visiting our country or are a local, you will be able to find one through an agency like ours.

Look for them through freelance ad sites

  • You can find them through ad sites such as Locanto (and Backpage in the past – but it is no more). The one key thing to note about ads on Locanto is that while few are direct scams in that they cheat you of your money, many of them use fake photographs. If you look, all of the ads make themselves sound as though they look like the beautiful actresses you see in Bollywood. Anyway, that cannot be further from the truth. Most of these independent Indian escorts on sites like Locanto use bait and switch, which makes it really difficult to find real and genuine service providers. This is usually the unethical practice with independents. That is why agencies are usually recommended!

Just look for them online!

To the best of our knowledge, there are no physical offices like you can find retail stores in a shopping mall for agencies locally. Therefore, they do not congregate in one area like how maid agencies used to congregate in the old Katong Mall. You will therefore need to search for them online. A simple Google search for them should bring up a lot of results. (But hey! If you are thinking about finding an Indian escort and you are already on our website, why not check out our models too? We have a mix of them, including ethnic Indians too.)

In a nutshell, the above are some of the easy ways you can quickly find Indian companions in the country. When we mention about Indians, we are actually referring to local ladies of Indian ethnic descent, as most men simply love local women.