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Singapore is probably the richest city in South East Asia and one of the densest cities in Asia and hot spot for investments and business headquarters due to stable political climate, low crime rate as well as favourable investment laws.

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Singapore is a city-state which is located on a small island in South East Asia. However, Singapore is definitely a country that hits far above its belt especially when it comes to corporate and finances. It has been a top city for expats to work in and businesses to operate from throughout the world. It is on par with that of New York City, London, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Singapore city skyline with the Merlion in the background

With people of all races and religion in Singapore, its diverse ethnic culture provides guests and locals alike a huge range of culture to enjoy.

Because Singapore is also a hot spot for business and investment, there are always conventions, expos and the like being held. It is a very popular hotspot for businessmen, because their partners or family, if they wish to follow, can shop in the many shopping centres distributed throughout the small island state. Despite its small geographical size, it houses an insane amount of shopping malls, perhaps more malls per square kilometres than any other country in the world. It also has many 5 star hotels for guests to stay at, though they do not come cheap and are only suitable for the rich.

Known to be a very efficient country in almost everything, Singapore will blow your mind away with how fast their service providers and customer service support teams respond to you. This is in stark contrast to the slow response that perhaps people in European countries are used to.

With its tropical weather, it attracts visitors, both tourists and business travellers alike throughout the year. There are no particular high or low times of the year, as the weather is constant. Additionally, business and touristy events are held evenly throughout the year. One of the more famous things that recently happened was that the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit was held in Singapore just in 2018! Additionally, Singapore also hosts the Formula 1 race yearly. Because Singapore attracts a lot of wealthy and affluent visitors, there is also a high demand for SG escorts and other nightlife entertainment in Singapore. You can contact us here if you are looking for a local girl.

As a foreigner, you can easily access all parts of the island by using Grab or Gojek, which are similar to that of Uber. Alternatively, you can also choose to take the public transportation buses and train systems.

If you only return or visit Singapore once every year, or perhaps once every few years, you will be met with a different view each time. This is because Singapore is constantly upgrading its infrastructure – both by government agencies as well as private enterprises. Singapore is a constantly evolving and futuristic city that the affluent and powerful love.

With lots of food places littered throughout Singapore, you will have no lack of food to eat. With foods ranging from cheap $3 to $5 hawker foods, McDonalds’ and other fast food chains up till Michelin starred restaurants located within upscale hotels or shopping malls, your appetite is sure to be satisfied.

The only main downside to Singapore is that if you are a nature lover, there are fewer outlets for you to explore in the country. However, if you are more adventurous, you can even travel to more outskirt places such as Kranji or Pulau Ubin to check out more of the ‘rural’ areas of Singapore. Just make sure to bring mosquito repellants if you go to those areas in Singapore and venture out of the metropolis, which is nearly the entire country!

Singapore greenery
Despite all its city infrastructures, Singapore still has some greenery to offer! Not too much but yes there is.

One of the greatest upsides for wealthy people visiting Singapore is that even billionaires do not normally travel around Singapore with bodyguards. Singapore is a very safe place, with ridiculously strict laws so that it can attract the wealthy to invest and live in Singapore. Therefore, Singapore is one of the few countries in the world where you can go out and about any time of the day, and feel perfectly safe.