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We believe our local women are the most beautiful in the world, and so we only work with Singapore social escorts. We do not work with Europeans, other South East Asians or any kind of foreigners as our featured escorts.

Whether you are looking for a local escort to accompany you or you are a foreigner expatriate and simply want to date without strings because you will move back to where you were from eventually, Mona Liza Love has the perfect, sexy model for you.

Our featured escorts range in age between 18 to 35 years, and so whether you are looking for a young, educated university student who is bubbly or whether you are looking for a more mature, sophisticated woman to accompany you, you will be able to find someone who suits your preferences. Thankfully, over here, the people all speak English, so there will be no communication problems. So enjoy your time in our country, as out of the entire South East Asian area, this is the only city which is the case.

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To ensure and guarantee that what you see is what you get, we independently and manually verify every escort featured on our website – both her details and her looks. This way, we ensure maximum customer satisfaction. E.g. if you prefer a university grad, then the one we recommend will be one, and e.t.c.

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1. What exactly are social escorts?

They are basically paid female companion who will accompany you on private dates and behave as though she is already your girlfriend. You get girlfriend experience.

If you feel busy and simply do not have free time due to a busy and successful career, then you are the perfect client.

We have found you Singaporean citizenship ladies who are ready to pretend to be your girlfriend for hour or two or more!

2. What are the dos and don’ts?

As a legal Singapore social escort agency, we only arrange for companionship by law.

Please kindly check Singapore’s laws before contacting to make a booking, or your booking may be rejected service.

3. What’s the difference between your services and rent a friend services?

The difference is like you are meeting your friendly, flirty and sexy girlfriend instead of meeting one who has already friend-zoned you.

Think romance versus platonic relationships.

Love versus the ever dreaded friendzone.

4. When are your operational hours?

We respond to enquiries within 9AM till 11PM or 1AM daily. However, exact availability of the ladies are always different. Please enquire with us as per above mentioned procedure to know who is available. Non-complete enquiries will not be entertained.

5. What currencies do you accept for payments?

We accept Singapore Dollars. All other currencies will be subjected to a foreign exchange rate surcharge. For the best rates, please change your dollars to SGD first.

6. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. You can make use of your credit cards for payment as well.

7. Are all your ladies all locals in nationality?

Only locals, you are absolutely on point!

8. Are prices negotiable?

No, prices are absolutely fantastic for the value you get. Your satisfaction is definitely guaranteed.

9. Where are the details of the girls?

The age and details of the women available are all featured on our website, so you can pick the lady that better fits your tastes.

If you want to meet any of the above featured female escorts, simply contact now. Decide before hand by looking at their photos, age and price of the featured women on our Singapore escort website list.

10. Ok, how can I book?

Please note there is no in call. There is only out call.

Simply contact our agency now with your name, race, location, time and preferred escorts (pick 2 at least as not everyone is available at the same moment). You can have an appointment and have the model meet you at the designated neighbourhood area for your convenience. This is subject to availability and travelling required.

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